Manage Your Social Media Community

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In our previous post, Find Out What Your Community Wants, we discussed how to discover the wants and needs of your community.

In this post, we talk about ways to manage your community and go over some of the key tasks to remember.

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Community Management

Your social media community may run itself, but it’s not going to manage itself. You are going to need a community manager, someone who’s responsible for the care and feeding of your community. That could be you; it could be one of your staff; or it could be a volunteer, but to succeed, you need to have a community manager. However, no community manager ever does it all by him or herself. A good community manager will enlist the help of trusted community members and organizational management to ensure the smooth running of the discussions and other interactions in…

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  1. Dan, thanks for the reblog! If you like community stuff, there’s much more coming on

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