Upcoming Changes: Share Prices, Earnings Dividends

Empire Kred

[UPDATED: We are now looking at a window around June 10th as we run more simulations on our changes!]

Okay Empire Avenue Community… this is going to be a big update.

We have not made substantial changes to how Share Prices are calculated or Earnings and Dividend calculations for over two years. In the next week we will change many of our “Market Makers”. There is no easy or small way to do this, it will affect everyone and we will do all the changes in one go.

What is the process currently?

1. Every night a set of algorithms (named John Locke and so on) called “Market Makers” examine your Social Media activity and engagement (including your actions on Empire Avenue) as well as the trading of Shares on the Empire Avenue Stock Market and sets your Share Price.

2. We then go through and pay out Earnings to…

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