Has @McDonalds pulled the plug on free Wi-fi? or why customer service today SUCKS

I was speaking the other night with Bob Nicoll. Bob is the co-author of Exceptional care for your value clients. When I asked him what is the general feeling by the consumer on customer service. Bob answer was quick and concise… They are all say simply put “it sucks”.

Well this morning I ran head into a prime example of this from one of the world’s iconic brands McDonald’s. A bit of a back story. As I am on the road a lot I work mostly from coffee shops and other such places. For the past week or so I have been working out of a McDonald’s in Colorado Springs (store #5067 on 8th street). I come in most mornings make my purchase and plug in my lap top. I am not alone as several other people are there on a daily bases doing the same. I found this arrangement worked well as the place had more than one place to plug in my laptop. Well today the owner of this local Colorado Springs McDonald’s for some reason pulled the plug on me and all the other loyal paying  customers who have been eating there.

The things that has me the most upset about this is when I suggested to the man pulling the outlets out of the wall (A McDonald employee) that this may upset some of  the customers he replied with a look on his face that gave me the impression that my very being there was bothering him, “I DO NOT CARE”.

The way I see there are two issues here. The first being why would McDonald’s plaster “Free Wifi” signs all over the place if they do not want their paying clients to use it. Second The way I was spoken to by an employee of business that I have been a customer of for 40 plus years is just unacceptable.

McDonald I am not loving it


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