My New Year’s resolution….To cut 1000 (more) LinkedIn connection.

This blog was prompted by a post in the New York Times by JD Biersdorfer. For the record I do not know JD. The title of the post was “How to Cut a LinkedIn Connection”. Having recently spent 3 months and countless hours deleting over 2000 of my at the time 26K connections this post caught my eye.. The post gives a very accurate if brief rundown of the basic steps one must follow in order to remove a LinkedIn contact.
So why did I remove over 1000 people from my network? After all these people were once worthy of my acceptance. I can explain. LinkedIn limits the total number of connections you can have to 30K and I need to redefine my network so that I can assure that I am maximizing its full potential. For me this situation is of even greater importance. LinkedIn continues to grow its membership in China where the bulk of my business interests have been concentrated for the last 10 years. As the number of Chinese LinkedIn members increase more people I have known and done business with for years join and request to connect with me. I need the room!!! So much so that I have made it my New Year’s resolution for 2013 to cut 3000 connections from my LinkedIn network. I see this as a must as LinkedIn and I grow together.
With all this in mind now may be the time for you to plan ahead and fine tune your networks. As you do this it is important to keep in mind,
“Approach every new connection as your next best friend and not your next sale”
Have a great 2013!!


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One response to “My New Year’s resolution….To cut 1000 (more) LinkedIn connection.

  1. I am not sure that I knew there was an LI limit; so thanks for letting me know. I am 20k or so away from that; so I guess that I have some time.

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