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Malicious, malevolent, myopic.  No?  How about mordant, misconstrue, malefactor?   I am muddling around ‘m’ words today,  after my friend Laura gave me a suggestion for my three words project.

Honestly,  I never considered the adjective mordant to be a complimentary one.    While I, like pretty much everyone else I know,  can be a bit sarcastic at times,  mordant seems to me to describe an almost bitter,  heavily sarcastic tone that I mostly try to avoid.   Sarcasm mostly seems just too easy to me.  A bit like kicking a man when he’s down.    I can’t say I never use sarcasm,  but I don’t use it a lot and I never consider it my finest hour.

One of the most useful communication tricks I’ve ever learned is when listening to someone,   I always paraphrase what they said and repeat it back to them.    Whether I understood…

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