YEAN serves as one of the supporting organizations for China Entrepreneurs’ line of events this year and I attended a China Entrepreneurs event recently, together with Raymond and Tian Chang.

The session was a panel discussion about the Hot Sectors of 2012, and the speakers highlighted some of these key sectors of 2012.

Credits to ( Cleantech sector: Droughts, floods, cleaning up of pollution(the evidence is in your face whenever you walk out to the Beijing air), all these require technology to support the clean-up of a rapidly developing “World Factory”. The textiles industry in China creating massive pollution was hugely publicised by Greenpeace with their 1 year long investigation, and water treatment is needed for this. There was also news of plans for increased installations of solar panels in China this year.

2. Technology TMT: There are various industries involved in this broad sector, and these are some key…

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