Fail Kitty


St. Valentine’s day. A day for love. A day for sharing. A day for stalkers? You notice that as soon as the word stalker pops up the warm fuzzy feeling in your sub-cockle region goes away really fast.? The reason for that is because stalkers aren’t funny. Anyone that has been stalked fully understands how violated you feel when someone invades your personal space and begins observing the most intimate details of your life. What Fail Kitty found, unfortunately, is that there are people who think topics like stalkers can be cute and funny, making for great Valentine’s day cards.

Zazzle gets the FAIL title for this one, with an array of cards we can’t show you directly because of their copy restrictions.

A card depicting a man looking through binoculars reads:

Somewhere there’s someone,
who dreams of your smile,
and finds in your presence,
that life is worthwhile.

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