You hear about these thing but sometime truth is stranger the fiction.

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At this point in history, most people are aware of the fact that governments sometimes do some really stupid things – or at least they spend a load of money exploring the viability of doing some really stupid things. Government stupidity in many regards was at its height during the cold war era when some of the most bizarre programs you can imagine were launched. Some actually got put into action on some level while others were scrapped because someone that had some stones and common sense spoke up. For your amusement and the sheer pleasure of letting you know how some of your tax dollars – or your parents tax dollars – were spent, have fun with these insane cold war era projects.

Project Stargate was a program that lasted 20 years and cost millions of dollars – unfortunately it wasn’t as good as the Stargate movie or even…

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  1. I know that there is more going on under the surface!

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